Founded in 1995 by the will of the Gatti family, it quickly became a leader in the specialty steel, in the mechanical and oil industry sector. It extends on a total area of 50’000 sm of wich 22’000 are fully roof covered. We would like to bring your attention to the fact that our company provides a full range of round bars in stock at an affordable price, which we are able to give to our customers thanks to the high volume of sales. By the means of our own trucks we deliver the product directly to the customer, satisfying every needs.
We have a wide range of rolled, forged, ground and drawn bars, from a diameter of 10 mm up to 1,200 mm, for any type of production requirement of the consumer; we have also a line of saws equipped to cut pieces up to 1,200 mm diameter.


One of the main Steel’s warehouses

Steel S.p.A. and T.T.P. Trattamenti Termici Piacentini

The perfect union between supply and processing of steel.
A reality represented by Steel SpA and T.T.P. Trattamenti Termici Piacentini that meets every need of the market.





Trattamenti Termici Piacentini


Trattamenti Termici Piacentini

We’re pleased to introduce T.T.P. (Trattamenti Termici Piacentini) recently built. Thanks to its modern technology in the field of steel processing, allows thermal treatments on the bars, such as normalization, annealing and quench and tempering.
We also have straightening machines that allows a rapid and smooth straightening. The possibility of mechanical, impact and tensile tests, micrography, analysis with fixed and mobile quantometer, U.S. inspections , fixed and portable hardness testers, to ensure the maximum quality and compliance of the material.